Two decades of clear vision

Two decades of clear sight

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Laser vision correction

Get rid of your glasses and contact lenses

With completly painless LASIK procedure, in just 15 minutes and join millions of others that have already experienced the benefits of laser vision correction
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Cataract surgery

Phacoemulsification with implantation of high quality lenses

Painless cataract extraction in topical anesthesia by top surgeons
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Vtreoretinal surgeries

Vitreoretinal surgeries

Vitreoretinal surgeries
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Retinal and macular pathology

OCT diagnostics and treatment of retinal pathology

The most advanced diagnosis of age related macular degeneration and other macular pathology
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Laser vision correction costs and benefits
29 April 2018

Laser vision correction costs and benefits

Laser vision correction costs and benefits  

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Dunja Kordolup, 1982.,

I have thought about laser vision correction for a long time, but I didn't have courage to undergo such an intervention. I was solving my vision pr...

Aleksandra Milić, 1986.,

People who made my life beautifull. After 20 years of wearing glasses and constant fatigue, a team of doctors and nurses enabled me to enjoy the be...

Željka Popović, 1980,

After 21 years of wearing glasses and 15 years of using contact lenses, finally I can see with "my own eyes". Laser vision correction is great thin...

Perica Paraklis,

...every word of gratitude to dr Suvajac and other stuff would be issuficient to describe things they do for their patients... ...

Vesna Gudurić, 1990.,

,,Years of wearing glasses and contact lenses are now behind me. I would like to recommend Eye Clinic Professional to everyone planing laser vision...

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