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Operating microscope


ZEISS OPMI Lumera T is an operating microscope by the world's leading manufacturer, which is used during cataract surgery, fundus surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma and other eye surgeries. Thanks to the stereo coaxial illumination, exceptional visualization of the red reflex is possible, which during cataract surgery allows viewing all the details and structures of the eye, having absolute control, and therefore ensuring greater safety of surgery.

Drager Fabius GS

Drager Fabius GS anesthesia workstation

Drager Fabius GS is the most modern anesthesia workstation for use in operating rooms by German company Drager. Although most eye surgical procedures are performed under local anesthesia, there are certain situations, especially in small children, where it is necessary to perform the procedure under general anesthesia. Note that many patients who come for cataract surgery are in their later years of life and often have associated diseases unrelated to cataract, but require adequate intraoperative monitoring by an anesthesiologist. Drager Fabius GS, which is available at Profesional Hospital, is characterized by advanced technology, a large number of features, a highly efficient ventilation system and the possibility of intraoperative monitoring of all vital patient functions. Altogether, they ensure safer intraoperative control and thus significantly safer interventions.