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The most effective laser device for laser vision correction in the region

Profeesional Eye Hospital is the only one in the region that has a Schwind Amaris 1050 vision correction laser. Amaris 1050 is the world's most efficient laser that removes one diopter in 1.3 seconds. It has the safest active eye tracker that follows up to 1000 eye movements per second in seven different dimensions during correction process. It has the most advanced ablation profiles for treating both regular corneas (during laser vision correction) and irregular corneas (in case of keratoconus or corneal scarring). Several independent studies have shown the best results in high astigmatism correction (cylinder) compared to other lasers on the market. You can find more information about this laser at: Schwind Amaris 1050

Schwind Sirius

Corneal topograph/tomograph for the most precise corneal analysis

Schwind Sirius is a diagnostic device that analyzes corneal morphology. It provides a large amount of data when it comes to the corneal curvature, the presence of astigmatism, and higher-order optical aberrations. It is used to determine corneal astigmatism, possible irregular astigmatism and significant higher-order optical aberrations. Imaging takes a few seconds, is non-contact and completely painless


Corneal tomograph for preoperative corneal analysis

Pentacam HR is a latest generation diagnostic device. It is used for diagnosis of the cornea and the anterior segment of the eye (chamber angle, anterior chamber, eye lens). In just two seconds of non-contact imaging, Pentacam HR analyzes more than 20 thousand points on the cornea and the entire anterior segment of the eye. It is mostly used in the preparation of patients for laser vision correction. It allows recognizing even the most subtle risk factors and thus ensures the safety of the intervention. It is also used for post intervention cornea analysis. It is also used to diagnose keratoconus, glaucoma, as well as during intraocular lens implantation.


Highest resolution ocular aberrometer

CSO Osiris is the most accurate aberrometer available on the market. An aberrometer is a device that measures all optical aberrations of the eye. It analyzes 45,000 points, gives an insight into the quality of vision, determines the existence of higher-order aberrations, and enables their treatment. It is mostly used in preparing patients for laser vision correction, analyzing post intervention quality of vision, in corneal diseases such as keratoconus, and for selecting the appropriate premium lens during cataract surgery. Imaging takes three seconds, is non-contact and completely painless.

Optovue Avanti XR

OCT laser cornea imaging

Avanti XR device by US company Optovue is the most advanced and accurate OCT diagnostic device for analyzing corneal epithelium. It has 5 micron resoltuion, which means that it can detect pathological changes in eye tissues that do not have to be larger than 200th of a millimeter. Diagnostic imaging is non-contact, therefore completely painless and lasts only a few seconds. It has an irreplaceable role in preparing patients for laser vision correction and monitoring the effect of laser vision correction. It is also used in cornea and eye surface diseases and cornea transplantation.