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The most effective and safest ultrasound cataract surgery device

Centurion Vision System is the latest generation ultrasound cataract surgery system. By investing in the acquisition of the currently most advanced cataract surgery device in the world, the efficiency and safety of cataract surgery at Profesional Hospital has been raised to the highest possible level. What makes this system stand out from all others on the market is its exceptional efficiency in removing even the hardest cataracts, and the first-time applied active eye pressure control technology during cataract surgery. This technology significantly reduces the risk of intraoperative complications and ensures the safety of the procedure. You can read more information about this device at: Alcon Centurion vision system


Ultrasonic cataract surgery microsurgical system

INFINITI Vision System is a state-of-the-art ultrasound cataract surgery system by US company Alcon, one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced ophthalmic equipment. INFINITI Vision system allows performing fully individualized minimally invasive ultrasound cataract surgeries. The patented OZIL torsion ultrasound probe in the INFINITI device allows lateral oscillating movements, which increase the effectiveness of ultrasound removal of the cloudy lens and enable better intraoperative control. Increased intraoperative control and more efficient use of ultrasound energy is responsible for better operating results and greater intraoperative safety when applying OZIL technology compared to cataract removal with standard ultrasound parameters.


IOL Master 700 laser biometer for the most reliable lens power calculation

IOL master 700 is the most advanced laser biometer - a device used to calculate the lenses to be implanted during surgery. Its precision when measuring the eye's axial length is one-hundredth of a millimeter (0.01 mm), while its precision when measuring the corneal curvature is 0.09 diopter. Both parameters are crucial for the accurate calculation of the power of the lens to be implanted. In addition to the most advanced technology, it also features the latest generation software for the most reliable calculations. Imaging with the IOL master is non-contact and takes less than a minute. Even more important is its application for the calculation and implantation of premium multifocal and toric lenses for all distance vision correction.


Wavelight Biograph laser biometer for precise lens power calculation

Wavelight Allegro Biograph is a multipurpose diagnostic device for measuring the axial length of the eye and the anterior segment of the eye. It is mainly applied in calculating the parameters necessary to determine the power of the intraocular lens to be implanted. It is based on low coherence reflectometry, the most precise optical method for measuring the eye's axial length, with 0.01mm precision. For example, the precision of the ultrasonic measurement of the eye's axial length is 0.1 mm. For example, the accuracy of the ultrasonic measurement of the axial length of the eye is 0.1 mm. For this reason, Allegro Biograph is an irreplaceable diagnostic tool for calculating lens power, especially when implanting premium intraocular lenses such as multifocal lenses. Note that Biograph imaging takes only a few minutes, is non-contact and therefore completely painless.


Specular endothelial microscope

Profesional Eye Hospital has the latest specular microscope EM 3000 by Japanese company Tomey, one of the world's leading manufacturers of ophthalmic diagnostic devices. The EM 3000 specular microscope is a diagnostic device used for detailed analysis of corneal endothelial cells. Contactless imaging, which lasts only a few seconds, gives a precise insight into endothelial cells' number, shape and size. Endothelial cells play a very important role in maintaining the normal physiology and structure of the cornea. When their function is disturbed, that is, when their number is significantly reduced, corneal edema and damage develops and vision is significantly reduced. Endothelial cells can be damaged during cataract surgery, and it is very important to determine the corneal endothelium condition before surgery to take appropriate protective intraoperative measures. For the same reason, it is important to determine the number of endothelial cells before implanting lenses for high diopter correction. By acquiring the EM 3000 specular microscope, Profesional Eye Hospital has made the already very safe microsurgical eye surgery even safer.


VERION image guided system

Profesional Eye Hospital has recently acquired a highly sophisticated VERION device used during premium lens implantation. VERION enables the most precise positioning of multifocal and toric lenses during cataract surgery or refractive lens replacement, thus ensuring the best surgery outcome.


Some of the VERION device features include:

- enteredoperative digital projection of the intraocular toric lens axis

- intraoperative digital projection of corneal incisions

- intraoperative visualization of the visual axis for ideal multifocal lens centering