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Why correct vision with a laser?

Laser vision correction will permanently change your life and bring an indescribable feeling of freedom, happiness and satisfaction. And push the limits of your possibilities. The only thing you'll regret is not doing it earlier.

Laser vision correction is a procedure that permanently removes diopter and enables clear vision without the need to wear glasses and contact lenses.

  • Principle of laser vision correction

    With laser vision correction, intervention on the cornea, the most superficial part of the eye, changes its refractive power and thus removes the diopter and allows clear vision without the need to wear glasses and contact lenses.

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  • What diopters can be removed with a laser?

    Laser vision correction can remove shortsightedness or myopia by up to -10 diopters, farsightedness or hypermetropia by up to +6 diopters and astigmatism or cylinder by up to 6 diopters.

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  • Prerequisites for laser vision correction

    In order to ensure the success and safety of laser vision correction, the patient must meet specific criteria and prerequisites. The first is that the person is of legal age; the second is that the diopter has stopped growing...

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  • Examination for laser vision correction

    The preparatory examination lasts about two hours, during which imaging is done on dozen advanced diagnostic devices, ensuring the candidate is suitable for the intervention, the intervention is safe, and the outcome is successful.

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  • Technology for laser vision correction

    Profesional Hospital is the only one in the region that has the Schwind Amaris 1050 laser, the world's most advanced laser for vision correction. The Amaris 1050 removes one diopter in 1.3 seconds and follows eye movements at a speed of 1000 movements per second during the intervention.

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  • Laser vision correction methods

    There are several different methods (procedures) of laser vision correction. The most commonly performed LASIK procedure is the most comfortable for the patient. After the preliminary examination, the patient is advised on the most suitable method.

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  • Intervention

    Laser vision correction is a painless intervention performed under local anesthesia, involving instilling drops, and lasts about 6-7 minutes per eye. Immediately after the intervention, the patient receives detailed postoperative care instructions and goes home.

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  • Postoperative course

    The next day, almost all patients have maximum visual acuity, known as the WOW effect. Patients can return to work activities three to seven days after the laser vision correction. They can watch television or work on the computer already one day after the intervention.

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  • Success rate

    Laser vision correction is considered the most successful elective medical intervention. Close to 99% of patients get rid of glasses and contact lenses after laser vision correction.

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  • Presbyopia

    Presbyopia, or as it was previously called age-related farsightedness, is a reading-related diopter people usually get after the age of 45. It differs from other diopters as it results from physiological weakening of accommodation.

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