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The most important thing to prevent vision loss is the early diagnosis of glaucoma and timely initiation of therapy

Damage to vision and the optic nerve caused by glaucoma cannot be repaired, but with early diagnosis and timely initiation of therapy, further vision loss can be prevented or significantly slowed down. Profesional Eye Hospital has state-of-the-art and precise diagnostic devices for early detection of glaucoma. OCT imaging of the layer of nerve fibers on the fundus, HRT imaging of the optic nerve and computerized visual field allow diagnosing and adequate monitoring of the effect of therapy and the progression of glaucoma. All images are non-invasive and completely painless.

  • What is glaucoma?

    Glaucoma is a disease characterized by progressive damage to the nerve fibers of the retina and the optic nerve. These are the eye structures in charge of transmitting light signals to the brain centers where the image of the object we are looking at is formed. It is most often the result of increased eye pressure, but glaucoma can also be developed when the eye pressure is within normal limits.

  • Symptoms of glaucoma

    At the beginning of the disease, there are no symptoms, so glaucoma is often called the silent thief of vision. As the disease progresses, a person suffering from glaucoma may notice that their peripheral vision weakens. In the advanced stages, the person has no peripheral vision, but only a narrow central vision island, which greatly hinders independent functioning.

  • Diagnosing glaucoma

    Patients with glaucoma notice their vision has been damaged only in advanced stages of the disease, when there are already significant changes in the retina, that is, in the optic nerve itself. That is why it is necessary to emphasize the importance of early detection of glaucoma.

  • Types of glaucoma

    The two basic types of glaucoma are primary and secondary. Primary glaucoma is one in which there is no other (associated) eye disease, while secondary glaucoma is a consequence of an existing eye disease. Different types of glaucoma may require a different therapeutic approach.

  • Glaucoma therapy

    Glaucoma therapy prevents or slows down further damage to retinal nerve fibers and further vision loss. However, the damage that has already occurred cannot be repaired. This is another piece of data that points to early diagnosis and timely treatment being crucial for glaucoma.


Diagnosis, treatment and surgery of glaucoma are performed by