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In 25 years, we have gone from a small eyecare practice to one of the leading eye hospitals in the region

For 25 years, we have been on a mission to provide you with a clear vision. To render you the most professional service. To give you access to state-of-the-art technology. To have patience, understanding, and compassion for all your troubles, doubts, and fears. We are committed to providing you with a personal, individualized, and enjoyable experience at our hospital. We have the privilege of taking care of your eyes and giving you a better view of the world and a better life.


Our priorities remain the same even after 25 years, 200,000 satisfied patients, and tens of thousands of performed surgeries.


Thank you for your trust. Our goal for the future will be to justify it.


The development of the Profesional ophthalmology system began in 1994, when Dr. Gordana Suvajac, the current medical director of Profesional Eye Hospital, opened the first private eyecare practice called Optik Profesional in Novi Beograd. Over time, Optik Profesional has stood apart from many other eye practices by the expertise of doctors and all employees, professional approach and dedication to patients, as well as constant investment in modern equipment. According to the popular saying, good news travels fast. The number of patients increased yearly, leading to the eyecare practice growing into the Profesional ophthalmology system over the course of 16 years. Today it has five vision centers, including eyecare and optical practices, with 20 employed ophthalmologists. As the last step in providing complete ophthalmology service, in 2009, Profesional Dr Suvajac eye hospital was opened in Zemun, offering the most current services in the field of eye surgery. Initial investments in the most advanced equipment, employment of the most eminent and expert ophthalmologists and eye surgeons, along with the already recognizable professionalism and dedication to patients, made it possible for Profesional Eye Hospital to become one of the leading ophthalmology clinics in Serbia and the region.


A system with 20 full-time ophthalmologists and a state-of-the-art eye hospital on 1,000 square meters

Profesional Eye Hospital, with its expert staff, provides services in the field of refractive surgery - laser vision correction, cataract surgery and installation of premium lenses, diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases and vitreoretinal surgery (fundus surgery), glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology and strabology, and contactology - contact lens identification. The most up-to-date and professional provision of these services is made possible by continuous professional education and participation in all important European congresses during the year, such as the European Congresses for Cataract and Refractive Surgery, European Congresses on Glaucoma, European Congresses on Retinal Diseases, Congresses of the Association of Ophthalmologists-Contactologists, as well as cooperation with other domestic and international ophthalmological institutions. Among the 20 employed ophthalmologists, there are three doctors of medical science, two masters in medical science, four pediatric ophthalmologists - strabologists, diabetes, glaucoma subspecialists... Most of them regularly present scientific and professional papers at domestic and foreign congresses. Profesional Hospital is also the publisher of "Oftalmološka revija" journal intended to educate ophthalmologists. The fundamental idea behind the creation, duration, and continuous progress and growth of the ophthalmology system and Profesional Hospital is the continuity of providing the highest level services, the continuity of commitment and responsibility towards patients. Moreover, significant funds are allocated to employ and educate young doctors to preserve that continuity over the coming years